Verizon Raises Administrative Fees

January 10, 2012 – 10:06 am

VerizonI was pleased to learn that Verizon had scraped its idiot idea to assess a convenience fee for paying your bill on their website or on your phone (see Verizon Implements A New “Convenience Fee”). . . THEN I RECEIVED MY LATEST BILL!  It seems that they are determined to get their $2.00 one way or the other.  The new increase to the administrative fee is assessed on each telephone line, resulting in a $2.52 increase to my bill.  A small part of the increase was due to an increase in the Federal Universal fee but most of the increase is the result of Verizon’s increased administrative fee.  I called my local office to see if this increase meant our original contractual agreement was terminated – I have yet to get my answer.  Stay tuned.

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