Time To Update Adobe Acrobat and Reader

February 22, 2013 – 20:14 pm

AdobeBoth Adobe Acrobat and Reader are vulnerable exploits right now that allow hackers to load viruses onto your computer.

The virus can communicate with a remote computer that will cause your computer to start sending spam, commit fraud etc.

Use the links at the below to patch the security holes. Scroll down to Version 11.0.02 and click the link to download.

In order to download and use them, you must have a version of the program already installed. Be careful during the install because Adobe might also try to install Google Chrome and an Adobe toolbar during the update process.

Another way to avoid this problem is to just dump the Adobe Reader and go with Sumatra, Nitro PDF or Foxit Reader. They are all free so just Google them.

Update Links:

Adobe Reader for Windows

Adobe Reader for Mac

Acrobat for Windows

Acrobat for Mac

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