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If you can't find the answer to your question below, you can get emergency assistance by calling 540.797.3853 (until 10:00 pm) or by sending an e-mail to support(insert @)rlsei.com.  Simply leave a message including:

  • your name;
  • agency;
  • the course in which you are enrolled;
  • a short description of your problem;
  • a telephone number where you can be contacted.
Your call will be contacted as soon as possible.

Should I be enrolled in the cultural diversity or legal updates classes?

Maybe not if you plan to take the 40 hour on-line in-service. Do not enroll in the Cultural Diversity or Legal Update courses if you expect to take the full 40 hour law enforcement or combined jailor course since it is a component of the full in-service.

Can I use notes to take a quiz? Can I print a quiz?

On-line quizzes are NOT open book or open notes.  All on-line course materials are copyright protected either by the academy or the authors who gave permission for their works to be used by the academy.  Students are not permitted to make printed copies of course materials.  Students are also prohibited from using notes while they are taking an on-line quiz.  Violations of the above rules are considered an Honor Code violation and will result in disciplinary action be taken against the violating student.

On-line Training Pledge

I will not divulge my username or password to anyone.

Only I will post answers to course assignments using my username and password.

Only I, will take the on-line exams using my username and password.

I understand that the on-line exams are closed book and I will not refer to my textbook, notes or any other reference, while taking the exams.

I will not print all or part of any exam.

I will not divulge the content of the on-line exams to any other student, whether the student is enrolled in the course or not.

I understand that work submitted to meet the requirements of one course cannot be submitted to meet the requirements of a second course without the permission of both instructors.

I understand that all course content materials are copyrighted and I will not print, copy or reproduce the content in any manner without the permission of the academy director.

I understand that violation of this pledge will constitute an Honor Code violation and that I will be subject to the appropriate sanctions as described in the academy's Honor Code violation policy.

I understand that the use of on-line training is a privilege that is afforded to me that may be revoked if I fail to adhere to the terms of this this pledge.

My quiz window has disappeared. What should I do?

Maximize the quiz window to view all questions, answers and buttons. When you click on the "Begin Quiz" button, the quiz window opens in a minimized (small) window. Just click on the button to the left of the "X" button in the upper right corner of the window to maximize the window. This way you do not have to scroll to read the question and the answers. If your quiz window has "disappeared", chances are that you forgot to maximize the window and you clicked outside the quiz window. This causes the open window behind your quiz to move forward, covering your quiz. Simply hold down the "Alt" key and push the "Tab" key repeatedly until your quiz in moved to the top. Now, maximize the the quiz window so it doesn't happen again!

Everything was going well but now my quiz won't open!

Quiz won't open? Make sure you turn off the pop-up blocker. If you are using a pop-up blocker program, such as Norton SystemWorks, you must turn off the pop-up blocker function to view the quiz. You can turn it back on after you finish the quiz.

When I click on some courses, I only get a grey box, an outline or some other indication that the content won't display properly. What's wrong?

Some students have reported difficulty with viewing portions of the on-line training program, particularly the Legal Up-dates. The on-line training programs are built using two different programming languages, Java and Flash.  You must have "plugins" or readers installed on your computer in order for your browser to view the course content.  The Java courses require the use of a browser plug-in called Virtual Machine and the Flash courses require a Flash reader.  Most computers come with these plugins pre-installed but if you are experiencing difficulty viewing the course content, you may need to install the free plugins on the computer you are using.  Both of these plugins are frequently used by websites on the internet so it is a good idea to install both of them if you use the internet regularly

Persons who experience a problem should download and install the plugins using the links below:

This should correct your problem but if you have any further difficulty with this issue, contact the academy for further assistance.

The size of the sides and print are too small. What can I do?

Adjust your monitor so it is set to best view on-line training courses. The on-line training courses are designed for a monitor setting of 800 X 600. Unless you have a minimum 19-inch monitor, web pages will probably look too small at 1024 X 768 (normal screen resolution for a laptop computer). Also if you use a lower resolution, such as 640 X 480, you might have to scroll from left to right to see the whole page.

To adjust your monitor setting:

  • Right click any empty area on your desktop
  • Click on "Properties"
  • Click on the "Settings" tab
  • Using the slide marker - adjust the resolution to 800 x 600 pixels
  • Click "OK"

Why can't I see the questions I missed on the quiz?

Displaying your missed answers would compromise the test integrity. Unfortunately, if your missed questions where displayed, they would also be printable which would allow people to print off the tests and the answers. This is a problem that the current technology cannot prevent. However, you can review your quiz results by calling the academy.